Man vs. Crocodile

Oh Shit!

Image Source:Bing Chat

May 31,2023 || Queensland,Australia.

Marcus McGowan a resident of Queensland, Australia was swimming in the Lake Placid.

Suddenly he found his head inside the crocodile's mouth.

In his effort to remove the jaws of the crocodile, he put his hands in to try and prise the jaws apart. In the process of trying to remove his hands, the jaws snapped shut on his forefinger.

He was able to lever its jaws open just far enough to get his head out.

Later, the crocodile came back towards him but he was able to push it away.

He managed to swim to the safety of the boat which was coming after they heard screams for help.

They boat him to Haggerstone Island before being taken by helicopter to Thursday Island hospital.

Later, he was taken to a hospital in Cairns to receive medical attention for scalp wounds and puncture wounds on his hand and head.

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